How can I compare the screenshot and material quality of my own model to that of the Google Model Viewer's render fidelity tool?

For screenshot comparison and material quality checks, we use imagemagick. So, my concern is: Is it worthwhile to use the render fidelity tool in Google Model Viewer for the same purpose, or is imagemagick a better option?

cc @RaananW

Sorry, is that question related to Babylon?

It doesn’t seem so, as Google Model Viewer doesn’t use Babylon… Or do you want to compare screenshots generated with Babylon and model viewer?

Please check model viewer’s render fidelity test that what exactly I wanted to do with my own made models. I want to get that db values with render fidelity tool but I can’t figuring out that how can I remove their’s models and can set my path and add models.

I can’t understand what you are saying. Can you please elaborate ?

I just pinged @RaananW to this thread for his expertise :slight_smile:.

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I’ll ask again :slight_smile:
Is this a babylon-related question? model viewer is a wonderful thing, but it is not related to babylon in any way. This feels like a question that needs to be asked on the model-viewer forum/repo? unless you are trying to run visualization tests using babylon? in which case we will be happy to help, of course.

It’s not that we don’t want to because it is a different framework. it is that we won’t provide the right answer, as we have more experience with babylon than with any other web-based 3d renderer.

Yep if you want to know how model-viewer does things, it’s better to ask on the model-viewer forum :slight_smile: