How can I export a simple glass material form Maya?

Hi all again. This community has been helping me tremendously with my workflow. Here’s one more question. I’d like to export a simple glass aistandard material form Maya. Been doing some tests and didn’t get anything else but a dark shiny sphere so far. Anyone has any pointers on how I can achieve it?
Here’s what I’ve exported so far.
Thanks again! (23.6 KB)

Adding @Drigax and @Guillaume_Pelletier our exporters guru :slight_smile:

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Yes, those are indeed smooth black spheres. :wink:

@anna22 can you share your original scene? I’m not sure what your material parameters are to create these spheres.

Hi @Drigax and @Guillaume_Pelletier. Sorry for the late reply. I very much still need help with this. Please find a scene attached with 2 glass shaders. One is with substance painter maps pluged in and the other one is a regular glass preset from Maya. Thanks again and looking forward to your reply!

test scene (23.6 KB)

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