How can i import the "ImageDecoder" using gif texture?

Hi :smiley:

I’m trying to use gif material in my local environment in React like this link below.

but there’s a problem like this.

Here’s my code (same as line 39 in playground link)

how can I use ImageDecoder?

Thanks in advance.

ImageDecoder is part of the WebCodecs API: ImageDecoder - Web APIs | MDN. I’m not sure how this would be available in the React context.

You might need to update your typescript version and I am not sure if ImageDecoder already made it there as it is still really recent and not available broadly

While I was looking at webcodec, I posted a question because I was frustrated. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ll have to look for more. Thank you for the hint!

Hi @_Antonio just checking in, did you find out if ImageDecoder is available on React? :slight_smile: