How to play a GIF on Plane

Hi there, I am trying to apply a GIF on Plane in unity through the Unity Babylon Toolkit, but not able to apply the GIF on the Plane Material, the plane has a PBRMaterial. I am doing something like this:-

Please see here:

hey, @labris I am not able to understand how to apply the GIF on a Plane, can you apply the gif from my playground to a plane in Playground?

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@GeneralQuestions what do you think about adding the code after line 36 in the framework, texture section maybe, and a flag, so we can directly use the giff url, and maybe a flag or use videoTexture to render it

i’ll let @sebavan comment :wink:

That sounds a good addition to me but let’s wait for Seb to confirm :thinking:

I am all for it but the support is kinda broken at the moment and not wide enough I ll ping the team responsible for it to see if Firefox and Safari have planned an implementation cause it does not look like it :frowning:


Oh, you are right :frowning: I didn’t test in a different browser, …in Chrome it is working wonderfull so I thought, … but I understand.

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