How can I keep frame rate stable when loading asset?

When assets are loading, frame rate always gets extremely low. This is not a good experience for players I guess. I know loading and rendering are both in one thread, but can we set a priority for rendering? I want to keep frame rate at 30fps, then rest of thread time is given to loading asset.

This is a question that crossed me as well and was further discussed here: Throttle processing power/bandwidth to keep stable FPS during loading

In the end it depends on your use case. I’m seperating what should be loaded in the beginning behind a loading screen and what can be loaded on the fly. When models are small and optimized there is almost no stutter on load.
I think the biggest issue is the texture loading. That’s why I first load my models with compressed textures and then add the normal textures while the user can look at the models.

If that won’t work for your use case a worker thread might be something to look into.