How can I make SSS effects in NodeMaterial?

I did a SSS effect with SubstancePainter.

but when I imported it into Babylon, I run it through NodeMaterial, but I couldn’t get the desired effect. Can the master ask for help give a point?

If you’re able to share the asset with us, this can help greatly in knowing what’s going on. :slight_smile:

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SSS is highly complex and I do not think we support it through the node material @Evgeni_Popov could confirm ?

It is only supported through our PBR Materials.

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In the NME you have access to the SubSurface block which can do a number of things (refraction, translucency).

However, if you really need a true sub surface scattering mode you will need to use the PBRMaterial and the pre-pass renderer as @sebavan said. See:


This is Babylon asset , (3.6 MB)
@Evgeni_Popov:Will scattering block developed in the subsurface in NodeMaterial l in the future? I’m looking forward to it.
@ sebavan Thanks Master.

We would need to support the pre-pass renderer in the node material… It may be possible but I don’t think it’s an easy one, the pre-pass renderer is a big beast!

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This will almost for sure not be in 5.0 but we should try to do it after the release.

I‘m very very looking forward to it.Thx Master.