Weekly Video: PBR Nodes in the Node Material Editor!

Hey Gang,

@PatrickRyan kicks off a new video series this week, how to use the brand new PBR nodes in the node material editor. We know this was a BIG ask from the community, and are stoked that it’s now available in Babylon.js 4.2!


Part 2 is here folks! @PatrickRyan is back with a deeper look at the new PBR node in the Node Material Editor. This time he shows us how to combine PBR lighting with punctual lights for some seriously killer materials!

Starting playground for this video:

Final playground from this video:


Hey I’m excited about this series, but my interest has gone to the glass/liquid part and not what’s in part 2. Is there a nme playground of the bottle lying around I could poke around in?

Pinging the Bottle Master @PatrickRyan!

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@BoldBigflank, I am building through several different material types in the series, ending with transmission/refraction as it’s the most complex of the concepts. It also requires more nodes, so I am trying to break it down step by step, adding complexity with each one. But for now, you can dig through all the code and node materials in the bottle playground to get a head start.


Part 3 is here! @PatrickRyan shows off how to use clear coat and emissive textures in this one!