How can I see the other side of Tiled Map, or invisible tiled Map to see the below of the ground

Hello everyone

is it possible to give me an idea how can I invisible the tiled map when I reach to the ground to see over side of the tiled map.

here is my tiled map PG:

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I am not sure what you are exactly trying to achieve here. is backfaceculling what you are looking for ?

Hi @sebavan, I have a gltf model which is under the ground I mean it has negative Y , I want to show the model below the tiled map (ground).

the ground is on XZ plane and the camera is on the Y axis.

so your model is behind it ?

if it is the case you could use opacity to make the map transparent ?

yes part of its is behind the map, should I make opacity on all the grounds in the grounds array?

yes, on all the one you need to see through

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:pray: Thank you