How can i use Dynamic Texture with Decals?

I am trying to create apply image onto a mesh and then manipulate it. I tried using dynamic texture but it works for some models and doesn’t work for others. The problem i’m running into is that i am not guaranteed a clean set of UV, so the image gets on the mesh does not render as expected because of overlapping UV’s and UV islands. I cannot change anything about the model. So, I am thinking of using decals with dynamic texture to get the image on mesh. How can i do this?

If you don’t have proper uvs, using any type of textures won’t work.

In that case, you should use mesh decals instead:

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Any Way to determine the size of decal with respect to mesh. I’ve been trying that but no luck so far. If i hardcode the size then sometimes it becomes too big and sometimes too small.

Maybe you can try to use the mesh bounding box to size the decal?

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That Worked!! Thanks @Evgeni_Popov