How to apply an image to an imported .obj with existing textures?

Hi I have an image I want to put on the bottom of my skateboard mesh. I’m not sure how to do this without creating a new uv map for it, but this would not work for what I need.

Playground should explain what I’m trying to achieve:

I really appreciate this community for all the valuable answers!

Hey @brandon and welcome! Sorry for the late answer

The best answer would be to have a second set of UV so can you tell me why you think it will not work?

Other option could be to add a decal: Decals | Babylon.js Documentation (

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Thanks! A second set of UV would not be useful in my project because I would have to dynamically update the UV every time the user changes the graphic image for the skateboard in my application. That could be time consuming for creating new images for the uv map.

I think decals is the way to go for me that way I don’t have to have the server do extra work when they upload an image.

Thanks for your response!

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Hi, actually I’m having a problem with using decals.

I’ve copied the code from the Decals example and it runs without error.

The problem is, it doesn’t actually show the decal or do anything.

If I remove the pointer code, it gives me an error: t.getIndices is not a function

Mostly this is because the task does not return the mesh,

This is an asynchronous model

you have to use loader.onFinish to get your result:
fff | Babylon.js Playground (