How could I create work throw with number of 360 panorama using bablylon.js?


I want to implement the code same as link (Interface interactive) provided, could you please guide me through it?
Below query is related to my problem.

  1. I have loaded first 360 image successfully and now I want to set the navigation point so that I can load the next 360 image by a single click. So how can I set the navigation pointer on my first 360 image?

Reference screenshot is attached below.


You can add GUI elements to the scene and add GUI click handlers to load the new 360 images. Something like this Babylon.js Playground.

See this forum post for more info on how it was done …

Thanks for giving me very helpful response

I understand how to set point in 360 image.

so, write now i have with, how set button position next 360 image for move moving.

in screen shot we see 2 navigation points, one is left side and other right side and both have diff 360 images open so, How I set this point position X, Y , Z access.

Thank you.

I may be misunderstanding, but I think you would need to set the position for each navigation point to the position the 360 image was captured at. The units will probably need to be scaled to match what’s in the images, but I think the scaling factor will be the same for all navigation points if the 360 images are all captured with the same camera settings.