How difficult would it be to make a character creator in Babylon?

I know this is probably an insane idea, but can anyone give me some insight into how much work it would be to build a 3D character creation module in Babylon? One that the user uses to make the character they play the game with. Ideally, I’d like an estimate of the difficulty in terms of x amount of programmers over y amount of months.

I have three levels of complexity I’m considering:

  1. Pick between 10 - 12 different character models
  2. A creator that lets you swap out different features, like faces, hair, skin or hair color etc
  3. A full slider based creator, e.g. Skyrim

If anyone knows of any tools or people who could help, that would also be greatly appreciated! My background is in programming, but graphics is still a new arena to me, so I’m just looking to get a feel for what is realistic. If anyone is curious, I’m building an app for playing tabletop games like D&D or Pathfinder, similar to apps like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds, but hopefully with miniatures like the ones people use when playing in real life.

Thanks in advance!

Generally, as difficult as you imagine.

The problem with a module is that characters are probably the most deeply integrated thing in a game. If it was really full featured it could be great though.