Looking for tools to create personalized characters/avatars

I’m working on a research project where I would like participants (primarily college students) to be able to create a personalized character/avatar, something like the SIMS characters.
This is part of a (self-funded) research project looking at the impact of personalization on learning in virtual environments.
I’m coming into Babylon after years of teaching Unity and other game engines, thus I’m still getting up-to-date on all the available toolsets.
Any recommendations on where to start or an existing library or framework that would make this easier?

Hey Welcome DrB,

Yeah there are a number of great tools out there - and a paradox.

Blender.org is my favorite - but it is massive (as you probably know).

Paint3d (never used it)

POLY -looks cool (maybe just a market place like sketchfab):

They used to have a low-poly editor, it looked nice.

Babylon was being used behind the scenes for an - anyone can create 3d app about a year ago.
Remix3D. :grin:

There is houdini. 3DSMax Maya…
And sculptiris… is pretty EASY. Probably worth a look.

BUT … editing in babylon eventually becomes faster than Blender .
For some things it is better to edit directly in BABYLON… right?
AND what is on this side and that - of the grey line grows every day.
For example I create 10KeyEditor to edit in BABYLON RUNTIME.

A bunch of us are creating custom editors. The BABYLON.Gizmo is a good example of that coming to full potential.

For your requirements - maybe sculptris. But I’m sure others have great ideas too. Also dug up this…



Hopefully something good on remix3d.com - Microsoft.

Feeling like a good RUNTIME HTML MESH EDITOR is within reach.

I just made a 10Key PolyMeshEditor in runtime - needs vertex gravity.

EXPORT by JSON.stringify

This is something @ozRocker may know, have you seen his demo “Fabric Motion” on babylonjs.com, or his website http://punkoffice.com/?

@aFalcon Here’s one more: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/ is for making human meshes specifically, but I’ve never used it

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Daz3D (https://www.daz3d.com/) is a great tool for designing realistic avatars. Beware of heavy licensing restrictions though.

Adobe Fuse is for making professional looking avatars but I’ve never used it.

Makehuman (as mentioned by @Gijs) is a free tool that allows you to create avatars with basic customisation. Not very professional but good for references (particularly with topology)

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Daz3D blew me away when I first started using it. So easy to create lifelike humans. The facial morphing system is incredible too YouTube

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Lot’s of great tools mentioned here!!
Thank you!

Thank you @Gijs and @ozRocker - follow both your work - it is great.

oz found the articles on your web site about scanners. Helpful!