How do I make the reflections work when the mirror is moving

So I have a blender model in which a mirror is moving from one place to another. At the initial place, I have placed a glass just before the mirror and at its final place, another glass just before. Is there any way to make the glass move with the mirror, I have used the glass.parent = scene.getMeshByName(“mirror”) but the glass is not moving. Also one major stuff issue is, when I rotate the glass the reflections are not changing dynamically. My question is how can I make the glass move with the mirror mesh from the blender model and the make the reflections work, here’s a media of what I’m saying…

In the screenshot, the reflection is far in the mirror as the glass is on the same distance. How do I make the reflection as the distance of the actual mirror instead of the glass position. Help would be appreciated.

A repro in the playground would help us help you :slight_smile:

You would need to change the mirror plane to set it according to your mesh Babylon.js docs

closing as a dup of Is it possible to attach the mirror material to a mesh from a blender file without using glass?