Object not reflecting on another mirror

So I have 3 mirrors in the glb file (total 9 meshes in the glb) and have applied the reflective property of the mirror to all of them. And the mirror perpendicular to the reflecting one is not reflecting. What can I do to make them all reflect when something is placed in front of it. Please note that I have changed the light positions but to no effect. Also, since the meshes are going here and there in later actions, so is there a possibility that actions are causing the reflection not to work (beginner here). And is there a possibility that Babylon.js SSR can be used here without any issues that I am talking about.

For an idea, here’s a simple stuff I’ve made which represents what I’m talking about

Hello :slight_smile:

Problem is line 63 :






I purposedly removed the element from the renderList to give an idea what is actually happening.

Then I did not get your problem, sorry. Maybe you can share visuals of your actual scene, in order to better understand the issue ?

Well, sorry as the work cannot be shared. But here’s the textual stuff.

There are 3 mirrors with 9 mirrors meshes in total in the glb file.
First mirror is lying horizontally with 4 meshes, and the reflection is working.
Please note that the glass is below the first mirror.
The second mirror is just beside the first one but in 90 degrees angle. Now the objects I want to reflect is the meshes inside the model itself, but for the purpose for testing, I’ve placed a sphere just above the first mirror. So the reflection of the sphere is on the first one but not on the second. Also what I’ve found that the reflection of the sphere on the mirror is in the distance even though the sphere is just above the mirror and the reflection of the sphere is static (below the first mirror, same position as that of the glass, even if I move the glass upwards or downwards, reflection should be getting larger or smaller respectively but the reflection stays as it is). What should I do to make the reflection appear on all of the mirrors accordingly to the viewing angles and stays true to its distance?

Thank you @Tricotou , it was actually a different mesh positioned at a distance, and that’s why it was not showing me any reflection.