How to make a glass child node of the mesh from the .glb file?

I have a total 5 mirror meshes, and in some animations the mirror meshes is moving to a new position. I have made 5 glass Planes which are being assigned the mirrorMaterial (glass.material = mirrorMaterial). Now, how can I make each glass child node of the 5 meshes from the Blender file. Any help would be appreciated.

I am having trouble to understand the request. Can you share a playground ? but usually node.parent = newParent would do.

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I have a total of 5 mirror meshes in the .glb file. Now I wanted to apply the reflection on them and I did. Now the problem is, there are animations inside the .glb file in which some of the mirrors meshes move. So from the basic examples from playground, I need to make the glass plane and attach the mirrorMaterial to it. Earlier, I placed the 5 glass planes to the static position(on the mirror meshes but I hid them) but now I want the glass planes to move them whenever the mirror mesh moves.

And thank you, node.parent = newParent worked. One thing though. The glass is the child node now with mirror mesh being the parent node, but the mirror mesh is laying on a table but the glass is vertically placed. How can I make the glass have the same positions and rotations as that of the mirror mesh?