How dynamictexture supports double sided?

In this example, double-sided does not work. How to support double-sided

You mean with a front and back side? I believe it would work. You would just need to assign a front and back. Like you want the text to be readeable on both sides, yes? Not like this:

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thanks mawa.
This example meets the requirements, but the only problem is that the text is reversed on the back

This is expected as in double sided you see it from the other side. In your case the uvs would need to be inverted on the back side so I would advise to use a really thin box instead ?


Yeah, at present, my solution is to create two planes and reverse the other one

But it would be better to create only one plane and set the reverse of the back through the option

You could force the desired UVs through the option backUVs

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