How to achieve a sticky header from the start?

I’m trying to get a “sticky” header from the start. As you see here, it only works well after I make an initial click to the skybox.

Well this is not really a Babylon.js related question right?

I guess not?! I just don’t know if Babylon allows pasting stuff over it, even though it’s opened as a full screen.

Well without a repro it is complicated to say :slight_smile:

Can you repro in the Playground maybe?

Can you take a look at the GitHub file that I have attached? Playground won’t do in this case because I’m involving VexFlow as well.

Maybe at least something live? I don’t have time unfortunately to install it and run it :frowning:

Just copy my code from GitHub and run it on jsfiddle. You don’t need to install anything.

How can I bypass the first picture and go directly to the second picture (with music inside the skybox). I always have to click the skybox once before it transitions.

Well if it is that simple, please do it so we can help you. The minimum we need to work the faster the answer