How to achieve grass "3d effect" similar to this one

Ah, ok… From the video the results seem better…
And what about the artifacts mentioned above?

I don’t have a clue about the artifacts.

I could port the Godot shader for you soon so you can compare.

Hopefully you’'l pick one from the three shaders bro :smiley: :sweat:

Hopefully yes! :slight_smile:
But the artifacts are very annoying in VR…
Anyone has some hint about them?

Here is a PG without artefacts by using one of Inigo Quilez method (Inigo Quilez :: computer graphics, mathematics, shaders, fractals, demoscene and more)

I don’t know if there was something preventing you from using this one, but I think it still works for most of use cases!

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Hi Crashmaster, which of the three methods is implementing here?
The latest method I find (video above) visually seems better… But I can’t confirm that, because the texture are obviously not the same.

I implemented the first technique from Quilez’s article

I agree comparing the techniques without using the same textures is very challenging :sweat_smile:

You can compare them now by just changing the channel0 texture in the playground though :thinking:

What was causing the artifacts?

Probably a textureGrad artefact, like the so called “Greenwich artefact” described here: Shader - Shadertoy BETA

By changing the function, the issue went away but that’s a bit cheating haha

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