Grass generation

Has anyone successfully created a grass generation system, that they’re willing to share?

I found this:
While searching the playground, did you happen to improve on this at all?

This is essentially what I’m looking for, but on babylon:

Yeah I was gonna post an update to that soon with a demo scene that I am working on which needed tools for plants and tree stuff. What specifically do you need it to do?

My newest version has AO calculations and depth mask sorting. I am also working on “growth maps” and animal walk path maps so that they dynamically interact with the scene.

Gotta finish up some other things but that stuff should be worked into the demo.

It’s gonna be a little bit still though.

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I’m essentially looking to populate a large field with grass (flat plane) alot like the playground there, maybe a little fuller.

Ok cool give me a little time to finish up that section of my demo and I’ll post a PG with just the grass code.

I want to make sure LOD stuff is built in on this go so I won’t have to worry about optimizations as much. Give me a little bit. I just has my baby girl get born last night so I am not really doing much for a few days.


Congratulations!!! I would not have bothered you if I had known :hugs: I do/would greatly appreciate you sharing the playground with me :sparkling_heart:

Hi @Pryme8. Hope you’re doing great! We’re very curious to whether you had any free time to look into the grass example you’ve been working on?

We ended up finding a more refined version, pining @Ateria, did you do anything with that other example I sent you?


I’m new to this forum today and I’m currently researching whether we should proceed with a 3ds Max Hair and Fur modifier for the grass or a grass system for the grass. Wondering what the “latest news” to this are

nme on flat grd mesh w/ NxN subdivs



hi i know dear @Pryme8 work on it but i have grass sample in GeometryBuilder+shaderBuilder
just wanna share it



dude I need to learn your geometry builder. Ever time you post something it seems more robust.


i work on it with one other programmer for make it more easy for read and write
i like when that ready share and make document for it also you are a wonderful shader programmer
that can help you a lot


This is really awesome, any more development on this?

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