How to Achieve the Same Results in Blender and Babylon.js

Hello, community.

I have started learning Blender and Babylon.js to add a simple logo to my website. However, I have encountered some issues.

I am unable to replicate the materials created in Blender in Babylon.js. Materials like Principled BSDF raise issues during the import process. However, my material is Glass BSDF, and there are no issues during export. So, how can I ensure the same quality or at least similar results?

Where can I find an environment that can produce the same results? (Is closed?)

if you aren’t against doing some work on the material in babylon, you can try to recreate it in the Node Material Editor : )

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Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

  • First of all, keep in mind you will never acheive the exact same result. If you use Blender Cycles it’s a raytracing unbiased renderer, it’s like 99.9% different from Babylon. If you use Blender Eevee, you are closer to Babylon (OpenGL) but still it will be quite different

  • For materials based on Principled BSDF (which is the basis of PBR, diffuse + normal + metalic, etc) I would advice to export your mesh using GLB/GLTF, it’s quite well binded (Blender export → BJS import)

  • You can work with both Playground and NME together. From the playground you can directly load a material from the NME using the snippet loader : const nodeMaterial = await BABYLON.NodeMaterial.ParseFromSnippetAsync("NODE#ID", scene);



Thank you for the quick response.

I have tried using NME.

Where can I find the help documentation?

Simply, I want to try loading it into my web bjs after exporting. The FILE export SAVE saves as JSON.

I don’t know where to start…