How to add inverse kinematics to my robot arm?

I have this robot arm:

I can control it in “forward mode”, but what about inverse? I don’t know if I have to use bones, skeletons, physics engines… I need the 3 arms to move according to position of the final sphere, which actually should be limited to move only on an horizontal plane.

Please disregard the other objects, they don’t work properly and I’ll finish them once I get how to implement IK…

We have the BoneIKController:

We also have a few threads in the forum (look for BoneIKController).

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It looks very complicated… Do the joint support “cylindrical constraint”? I want my segments to rotate only on a plane, not in a sphere.

IK is a bit of a black box, since it was originally an external contribution… Let’s hope someone knowledgeable enough to answer your questions.

lets check if @adam is still around :slight_smile:

I found several examples with a full human body; does it exist a simpler online example model with just 2 or 3 segments instead of ? Is there a list of available models?

Wasn’t it that the current implementation of the IK controller only solves for 2 bones? I think I remember a forum post where they chained several IK controllers together to work around that.

Found list of online models, but nothing simple :frowning: