What's the state regarding inverse kinematics?

Hey there Folks!

We are currently planning our future projects and our team has one specific one where inverse kinematics could be very handy. The last posts about this topic that we found were from 2015 and we couldn’t find any information about this in the update logs.

So we just wanted to ask:

  1. Are inverse kinematics supported right now in Babylon JS?
  2. Are bone constrains like ranges for rotation angles or ranges for scaling supported?
  3. If not, are there plans to integrate them? What would be the approximated time frame?

As always thank you very much for your time and dedication
Kind regards
The Mainequin Team



  1. We have a fairly preliminary support with Use Bones and Skeletons - Babylon.js Documentation
  2. Only rotation angle
  3. We do not have plan to support it (for now) but if someone in the community wants to help, I will gladly help merging the PR