Working with BoneIKController to create a walking animation with ReadyPlayerMe Avatars

Hello there, I’m working on a VR Metaverse in WebVR as a little side project. Right now I’m focused on moving the avatar. Basically I want to use IK to move the legs whenever the user is inputting walking commands.

I was watching some unity videos and it seems like I need to raycast for the next step location, then assign the target to the BoneIKController to that location. However when I started messing around with the BoneIKController object, things seem really wonky and unpredictable.

What I’m looking for is: resources, advice, explanations, and examples that point me in the right direction.

I’ve setup an playground here of what I currently have: Babylon.js Playground

Welcome aboard!

The createIK function is only generating a console log, is that expected? You should provide a playground doing IK, even if it’s not working, it will be easier to help.

In case you missed it, we have some docs on IK:

Also, there’s this limitation which could be getting in your way:

Whoops, thanks I have updated the playground.

I’ve checked out the documentation a few times but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around “poleTargets”

cc @Cedric who should be able to help.

I’m not experienced at all with BoneIK but I think @adam did work on it.

I would recommend looking at something like this,

The meshes are draggable. Also Using 2 spheres is a very bad idea, then positioning them is the same place is also a mistake.

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