How to add Pointcloud file (.ply) to Babylon.js?

hello, i’m working on making webVR application, and babylonjs is seemed to be good for me.
But I’m stacked about importing 3d model file.

I just want to import Pointcloud file (e.g. .ply file) without Mesh.
I know already babylon.js is implemented 3d filetype loader for .obj or .stl, .gltf.
And, babylon.js has a method PCS (pointcloud particle system), but the function current condition it’s difficult for me.
Do you have any ideas for importing pointcoud file to my project?
Or, in future .ply file impoting function will be supported?

additionaly, I tried point cloud file is encoded BASE64 with and import as glb binary wtih .gltf file. It was partialy successed, but partialy my model was lacked.


Adding @bghgary and @Drigax for impoters.

I do not think we have any plan regarding ply.

Regarding point clouds, if you want to show us an example or explain what you are trying to achieve, maybe @jerome or someone else will be able to answer


We don’t have any plans for supporting PLY at the moment. Contributions would be welcome for this if anyone wants to do it.