How to export PLY to babylon

Hi, I have a PLY (points cloud) file of an insect that I want to use in Babylon. I can import it to Blender but When I try to export it to Babylon, my .babylon file have a size of 1 kb and checking the log in text editor it shows:

Exporter version: 5.6.4, Blender version: 2.79 (sub 0)
========= Conversion from Blender to Babylon.js =========
Scene settings used :
export scope : ALL
inline textures : false
Positions Precision : 4
Normals Precision : 3
UVs Precision : 3
Vert Color Precision: 3
Mat Weight Precision: 2
texture directory : C:\xampp\htdocs\demo\babylon
Python World class constructor completed
WARNING: No active camera has been assigned, or is not in a currently selected Blender layer
processing begun of mesh: anthidium-forcipatum
WARNING: No materials have been assigned:
num positions : 0
num normals : 0
num uvs : 0
num uvs2 : 0
num colors : 0
num indices : 0
========= Writing of scene file started =========
========= Writing of scene file completed =========
========= end of processing =========
elapsed time: 0 min, 1.1301 secs

Is there another way to use this PLY in Babylon?

Thank you all.

Interesting. Pinging @JCPalmer as he maintains the Blender->Babylon exporter.

Would you be able to share your .PLY in the meantime? It would be nice to be able to reproduce this on our end. I assume you import the .PLY into the Blender scene, then export the created mesh via the Babylon Exporter?

As I do not know what a point cloud is, probably not. If that is the mesh anthidium-forcipatum, I am guessing that you mean a point cloud is a bunch of vertices. This exporter only does faces of triangles (NGONS are converted to tris), not vertices not positions not connected to a face.

I do not think BJS even has a mesh like this, but you might try the glTF exporter to see what they do with it.

@2501 : Like @JCPalmer I have no idea what this .ply(point cloud format) is, apart from the fact it maybe a product from 3D scanning that will be used for 3D printing. I can load a “standard” .ply file into Blender and it exports quite happily. I have no access to files in the point cloud format.

However, I used to use a program called MeshLab for decimating hi-poly files, and it will load/import .ply files in that format AND apparently export that file in a solid MESH format :

Converting PLY Files

It is a very short video (<2mins) and conversion to a .obj format is at the end. This can be imported and exported from Blender in a .babylon format.

You might want to investigate converting your file format with MeshLab - it is free open source software and can be found here

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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Thank you guys and sorry for the delay.
Yes, I used MeshLab and, making some modifications, it worked.
Just in case the PLY file I was trying to convert was this: Anthidium forcipatum ♀ (Point Cloud) - Download Free 3D model by Thomas Flynn (@nebulousflynn) - Sketchfab