How to add SOUNDS on GLB file

We made a 3d model with animation on Blender and exported it as GLB but I want to put sounds on it.
Is there any way to embed sounds?

I cannot find a good tutorial on using MSFT audio emitter in Visual Studio since I am not a programmer but I am willing to learn if there’s a clear guide for newbies like me.

Thanks a lot

There are unfortunately no good ways to do it so far. The MSFT one is a custom extension and it might be hard to rely on it on general purpose gltf as only Babylon supports loading it and no tool aside manual edit will help you create it.

@bghgary might have more info on the current gltf community plans

There has been some rumbling about adding sound to glTF in the working group, but nothing concrete yet.

Unfortunately, there are no good tools or guides to add sounds to a glTF using MSFT_audio_emitter. The best you can do is use vscode and add it manually and try to understand the spec. :frowning: