Audio export from 3DMax

Hi all,

I right click on my mesh to access Babylon Properties and in there there’s an option to path to an audio file. I do this and select a file. Then I head to the Babylon exporter where I cannot see any further reference to audio (I’m looking to export to gltf). I export the project and the files are the same as if no audio had been added…there’s certainly no audio been copied to the export files (there is the texture file I wanted). Am I missing something really obvious? Or is this not how that functions? When I test the export by selecting export and run…and it opens the web page, there’s no audio there either.

Thanks in advance and thanks for such a fab tool!!


Adding back @Drigax for the exporter side of things.

We do not support audio for gltf/b as part of the exporter as it is not currently part of the broader gltf ecosystem.

Only the babylon format would support it.

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thanks for the quick response @sebavan . is this likely to ever change? is it even possible to change?

You should turn to Khronos for this request :slight_smile: I know there were some incentive for it before but I do not know about the current status. @bghgary might be interested in this need.