Export Blender model animations with sound to BabylonJS

What would be the best method to export Blender models with animations and sounds to BabylonJS. It seems that using the GLTF export from Blender does not allow the sound clip to be embedded/attached, although BabylonJS is able to read it from the GLB file with the correct encoding. I have also tried using the export utility to export the scene to a .BABYLON file without success. Can anybody please provide some guidance on how this could be accomplished ? Thanks in advance…

Sound cannot be put inside the export file of any format. I was not aware sounds could even be embedded in a .blend file. If it can / is, then use Blender to get a separate soundfile.

In js, load it as a BABYLON.Sound object. Play it the same time you start the animation.

Thanks for the clarification. I think I will extend the GLTF exporter in Blender to accommodate the MSFT Sound emitter extension…and thus use GLB files to do the work.