How to Adjust Size, Position and Blurriness of Reflection and Refraction?


The following link demonstrates the reflection and refraction on a blurred glass prism (textures blurred, rest is transparent):

The results are great except for:

  • Both reflection and refraction are large in size and low in resolution
  • The prism acts as more like a lens, considering the movement of reflection/refraction relative to the actual object.

How can we make it more similar to blurred glass? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Let’s see if @PatrickRyan has some ideas for you!

Note that the resolution of the probe texture can be improved (2nd parameter of the ReflectionProbe constructor).

@Sarped_Cirak, we are having an internal conversation about how how to control the size of cubemap.texture within refraction. I will ping this thread back soon once we have an answer.

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Hello Patrick, is there any news, I am a little bit too excited :grin:

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What we are going to do is adding local cube map to refraction textures, in the same way it already exists for reflection textures. See: