How to apply decal at specific position

Hello team,
As a newbie, I don’t know how to detect position an normal parameter, to place at specific place in my mesh (as center back)

Would appreciate any advice from team,


From line 24 you have example.
Scene.pick returns where you clicked on the mesh.

You have docs here.

If you are confused what to place in callback in line 30 where ‘cat’ is (as I was), I just place ‘mesh’. To be honest I dont know what that does but it works. If it is important I believe someone would correct me.


Thank you guys,
I already fixed my issue,
I take the position from click info and mesh info, not input directly

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You can place decals on whatever mesh. The pick returns the picked mesh and the decal shall be placed on that mesh. Here I’ve added a sphere and my decals shall be placed only on the picked sphere:

Yes, it makes sense when you have multiple meshes.