How to apply texture to mesh merged of several boxes?

Trying to apply texture to mesh merged of several boxes but it applies to each side separatedly - as if it was still boxes unmerged.

How can i truly merge them?

Hi @Cumba_Toyobay and welcome to the forum. A little bit of explanation about merge meshes.

In the above PG alternate textures are used on alternate boxes and the boxes are not merged.

By removing the comment from line 77 the boxes are merged an only one material (the first met) is used for the merged mesh.

What the mergemesh method does not do is re-calculate the UV values, used to assign texture mapping, for each box. To apply the texture across the whole merged mesh you will need to recalculate the UV values and update the vertex data.

An alternative approach would be to create your mesh using a ribbon or extrude shape or extrude polygon links to which can be found at the bottom of this page

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Thank you, found extrude shape example i can understand - gonna remake it this way

Iā€™m just refactoring my extremely huge and messy scene at

Want to rid of some unnecessary .obj-imports as well - that profiled sheet should display three different corrugations heights anyway

JohnK, could you suggest the easiest way to extract the reverse side of this mesh as a separate mesh please?

Or maybe you can dynamically texture it separately in some easier way?


If you use Irregular Polygon Extrusion | Babylon.js Documentation you can use different face textures