How to attach a subemitter to random permanent cloud particles (sparkling effect)

Hi all,

I have a question about subemitters for particle systems. I know that you can add subemitters to dying particles as per the documentation. However, I have tried to use the ATTACHED type subemitter to add a sparkling effect to a cloud. I have tested this here:

But it seems that the subemitter is only fired once upon creation. What I want to achieve is to attach subemitters to random particles that sparkle every so often. Is that possible, or do I need to do this independently. I.e, create a function that adds random sparkles within the area of the original system every so often without reference to the particles of the original system?

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Do you really need subemitters? What about creating regular particle systems and attached them a random vector3 generated from the source volume ? That way you have full control over repetition and everything

Yeah, I guess that was what I was suggesting with the last part of the question. I just thought subemitters sound like something that should allow one to do that. Thus, I wanted to make sure.

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