How to best export editor projects for the web

GitHub - flushpot1125/WebXR_VRController_Editor_template - using this project as a test.

Do I export all assets as gltf files and then load them onto a server.

What is the best way to start learning babylonjs from visual scripting minimal coding xp.

I would like build 360 tours with babylonjs.


Adding the editor daddy @julien-moreau to help in this regard :1)

Hi @Creative-Nerd !

I’m adding @Limes2018 as this demo was made by himself :slight_smile: in case you have questions about the demo

For the deployment, I highly recommend that you read the following documentation: Editor/ at master · BabylonJS/Editor · GitHub

The workspace is a web project ifself where the folder dist contains the webpacked javascript code, scenes contains the exported scenes and index.html the root html file used to display the page that will contain the game. That means you can copy/paste these files & folders in a server and your game will be deployed.

I have planned to create a “packer” to simplify this process of deployment by compressing (zip, tgz, whatever) the deliverable that will contain only the needed files. You’ll know once done as a new button will appear in future update of the Editor :slight_smile:


Hi @Creative-Nerd !

Regarding export babylon.js editor project, the following blog post would be helpful

An introduction of a powerful development tool for Web applications: Babylon.js Editor - CrossRoad (

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