How to build a tree like this from this png?

The final effect demo address :

the tree looks like the pictures are combined at different angles
and will hide picture when picture at the small angle.

I guess you should use sprites to render these trees.

Maybe this page can help: Getting Started - Chapter 5 - Sprite Trees | Babylon.js Documentation

sorry,I didn’t take it seriously. I missed an attribute. outputRotation .but I still don’t know how to hide the small angle sprite. Can sprite do this automatically?Or I need to write some other functions ?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “small angle sprite”? Sprites are always facing the camera, so there’s no angle per see.

Maybe the link I provided is incorrect. Please look at his tree.

They are not using sprites but it seems that each tree is simply two planes that intersects at 90° (or maybe 3 planes in some cases). It’s then up to you to disable a tree (or draw less planes) depending on the camera position/rotation/distance to the tree. Note that there’s is a LOD mechanism in Babylon for meshes, that will let use different meshes depending on the distance from the camera (for eg, if a tree is near the camera, you can use 4 planes to draw it, if at mid distance use 3 planes and if far away use a single or two planes).

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thanks, what you said helped me a lot .