How to build BabyloJS project using command line


I would like to build my BabylonJS project only from command line. For example, each morning publish a new build rest of the team can test.

I have no luck finding any documentation on how to build a BabylonJS project only from command line. Is it possible? Can you recommend me a source?

Only similar sounding topic is using extension libraries to access babylon functionality outside of Babylon here: How to call a script function from outside the Babylonjs Editor?

Thank you

Hello @hubacek.jakub , how are you doing?

What do you mean by “build BabylonJS using command line”? How is you project structured right now?

In most workflows the build process is already done using the command line. If you project is done using webpack for example, it would be as simple as doing something like “npm run build”.

Here is the documentation for using Webpack:
Getting Started | webpack

Babylon is just a standard Javascript framework, any workflow that works for a javascript / typescript project should work for a BabylonJS project as well.

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Hello Sergio, thanks for reaching out to me.

Oh I forgot to mention we are using BabylonJS Editor to setup our level.
I can run “npm run build” but it won’t update scene.babylon.
This file is updated only if I run File -> Build Project... from Editor. Since I want to automate the process, I would like to avoid any step requiring me interacting with editor.

Also, its possible we have invalid settings and “npm run build” should update even scene.babylon file.

Thank you

@julien-moreau is the author of the editor

To bump the topic - only step missing is getting babylon.scene file generated by editor.
I can recompile source code without issues but gathering all data for babylon.scene is blocked by me, because I don’t see an easy way to do it without editor.

We can force programmer to compile the babylon.scene with rest of his changes, but I don’t think its correct approach. This file should be generated on build machine.

If additional context could help, just let me know