How to convert depthmap from depth renderer to a static texture?

Hello everyone,
As depth renderer is binding with the scene camera, the depthmap texture retrieved using getDepthMap is dynamic, I want to save the depthmap from depth renderer at some moments to a Texture. I am now coding like below to implement this:

// at some moment
var depth_arr = await depth_renderer.getDepthMap().readPixels(); // a float32 array
var depth_texture = RawTexture.CreateRTexture(depth_arr, 1920, 1080, this.scene, false, false, Texture.BILINEAR_SAMPLINGMODE, Engine.TEXTURETYPE_FLOAT);

the depth_texture constructed by CreateRTexture is strange:

Is there something wrong with my code?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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In WebGL, Texture.readPixels always return RGBA data. So, you should either use CreateRGBATexture instead of CreateRTexture of create a new buffer from depth_arr that will only contain the r component.

You can call doit() in the console of the browser to create the texture and see it in the inspector.

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