How to create a circular hole in PolygonMeshBuilder?

For some game scenario I wanted to cut different shapes of hole on a mesh. In this playground I created a square hole on a PolygonMeshBuilder by giving the hole vertices for addHole() function

Similarly how can I cut a circular hole on PolygonMeshBuilder ?

Thank you so much @Necips.

If possible can you explain how did you arrive at this formula

2 + 1*Math.sin(i*2*Math.PI/max), 2 + 1*Math.cos(i*2*Math.PI/max

Time to revise Math concepts, anyway Thank you so much :pray:


Since the solution post was deleted, I’m reposting the solutions here just to archive them:

[Solution] Define a set of points describing a circle form:

google can help you with seach for “calculate points on a circle” or something similar: