Use a specific shape to cut a mesh


I’m currently trying to use a specific shape to cut a hole in a mesh but what I’m doing doesn’t seem to be working…

Here is what I have :

So I try to do a triangular hole in the mesh with a shape defined by myself, in the ShapeCut method, I convert my objects to CSG and I do the cut but nothing is happening.

Is it possible to do something like that in Babylon?

Thank you for your time :smiley:

Hi @lyzozyme

I changed positions of meshes and it looks like it works to me : specific cut | Babylon.js Playground (


Oooh yes I found my mistake, I just forgot the brackets after the dispose() method so the original mesh was still there covering the cut one… :neutral_face:

Anyway, thank you for your answer ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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