How to create a glass like material on Babylon editor

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a glass car material on the Editor. The material doesn’t have any texture mapped. I was trying to decrease alpha value to create the see through effect. But no luck.


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Would something like this work for you? This is a PBR material with all of its settings set to default except for Alpha which is at 0.45 in the image above.


You said Alpha alone wasn’t giving you the desired result, so see if adding reflections gets you there.
To get the reflections, make sure you have an image in the Environment Texture settings of your Scene.


You can change how bright the reflections are on your glass material by changing the Reflection Intensity parameter.


I got my HDR off of HDRI Haven, but Babylon also has some example HDRI’s as well as how to convert them into ENV images here.

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Thanks! and sorry for the noob question :sweat_smile:

Now the material is looking good.

@Juanma excellent!
Thanks a lot @tbunker for your help, you rox :slight_smile: