How to Create A MainMenu and switch between Scenes

Hello everyone,
can someone tell me how can i switch between scenes and create like a Main Menu and when i press Start the game starts

(Im using webpack btw)

Perhaps this will help:

Yeah but when i create the GUI i get a error :
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘_getComponent’)

You will need to provide more information in order to receive help. Can you replicate on the playground? Or, can you post a github repo link here? Or, can you post example code? What, if any, build system are you using?

I believe the most common reason for that type of error is due to wrong or mismatched imports, when trying to use Babylon GUI. Consider that you can not mix and match versions of babylon dependencies. And you can not mix “babylonjs” with “@babylonjs” packages.

Hello @Firdeus_Kasaj are you still having issues?

No the solution is that i didnt enable Advanced Texure