How to do progressive mesh loading/streaming on Babylon? with GLTF or any 3d model?


I have trying to do progressive mesh loading with Babylon js, I wan wondering are their any existing tools/libs to make something like this?


another streaming example - YouTube

Even every Sketchfab model loads progressively

also I aware of the incremental Babylon loading that doesn’t quite solve the issue I am trying to solve.

Also I looked into the Babylon LOD but using this we have load all the LOD meshes together in the beginning which is point less

Any links to research about this, blog posts, demo links will be highly helpful :slight_smile:


Maybe @Drigax can help on this one

I think this glTF extension might help? MSFT_lod

This extension is supported by Babylon’s glTF loader. Note that this extension is for discrete LODs and will progressively load each one, but it is not the same as progressively updating an existing mesh. If your goal is to get faster to first render, then this should help a lot.

Hey do I need to use GitHub - microsoft/glTF-Toolkit: A collection of tools for modifying and optimizing glTF assets to convert GLTFs to support this extension?

It’s not a requirement, no.

I haven’t personally used that tool, but if it is able to create a glTF with only the MSFT_lod extension, then it should work. I don’t know of any other tools that does this automatically. I’ve created a few manually and it wasn’t very difficult.

The extension itself is relatively simple if you want to create something for your own purposes.

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