Partial Mesh Loading + .babylon vs .gltf/.glb

Is there any way to lazy load the 3D models ? When I say “lazy load”, I mean: Having the ability to load some portions of the tree without having to wait for the whole file to be downloaded ? Or is it impossible ?

I saw there’s the Incremental Loading but I don’t think it answers the question (or have I misunderstood the feature ?)

Aside from that, assuming the frontend is running babylon.js, are there any advantages of using .babylon files instead of .gltf/.glb files ? I saw in this post that .gltf is better than .glb since everything is sliced across several files, therefore, parallel downloading is better but is there any comparison between .gltf and .babylon ? (Assuming content is uploaded by users. Do we have to work on exporting 3D into .babylon in case it’s useful or should we stay with .gltf/.glb ?)

I think Babylon incremental loading and MSFT_lod extension + range requests for GLTF are the two ways to use progressive loading in Babylon. I don’t know it some others exist.

Adding @bghgary for your questions about gltf/glb.

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The babylon format supports more features than gltf/glb as it is intended as a serialized form of whatever Babylon.js supports. gltf/glb is a standard that works in multiple engines. I’m not sure from a parallel download perspective if the babylon format is any better than gltf. Maybe others on the forums can answer this one.

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