How can I get mesh loading (and loaded) in progressive loading?


I am trying to implement progressive loading following the documentation. I am trying to put billborad messages over the loading mesh instead of full screen GUI messages. I want to set billboard.parent=mesh(loading). But, I cannot find any access to the mesh loading:

In the playground example, there is no access to the mesh loading too. I looked into DevTool to find mesh while loading in Chrome, but there was no mesh accessing anywhere in the code:

Where is the mesh loading, and the mesh loaded if not the same?

Thanks in advance.

cc @bghgary, it seems that you currently can’t access the mesh that is the target of the progressively loading material.

Yes, there isn’t a callback indicating the nodes of the currently loaded LOD with the current implementation. If you know the scene hierarchy of the glTF, you can use onNodeLODsLoadedObservable to figure out when an LOD node tree has been loaded. If your glTF is simple, it might also be okay to use onMeshLoadedObservable to do it. We can perhaps add a parametere to the first callback to indicate the nodes that are associated with the LOD.

Note that the referenced PG only uses material LODs. You will need an asset that uses node LODs.