How to do scaling for node material

Hey guys,

  1. For example i have some node material
    How can i scale material? I see that creator of that material in playground did small mesh and then applied material and scaling for it(mesh). But what if i have some mesh which have already correct size? How i can increase only material scale? is there any way to do that in code or the only way is to change node material formulas.

  2. Can i use such open source node materials in commercial development?


1/ There are a lot of parameters for the material, maybe one (or more) of them would do? Pinging @simon (the shader creator), in case he could lend a hand.

2/ Of course!


It was just a familarization experience and i didn’t done a lot of stuff that i want to. So this material is technically scalable but it need a detail setup. You can use it in commercial reasons because I didn’t protect it by any license and because I would like to help other developers and BabylonJS users but it will be pleased if you add credits to me)

If you are presenter of a company we (ClickON) always interested in co-work or something) If you have some work in area of web3D simulators/spaces/museums/multiuser software or so lets discuss)

I’m just a solo dev.
I’m making a game based on hexagons and i need hex with water. I’m investigating what should be better to import ready mesh or apply shader for it inside of app during loading.
It looks like this at the moment

I just wondered if i can use some method to scale node material like
nodeMaterial.scaling = 2;
similar to method which mesh have
mesh.scaling = 2;

If no there is only one solution to update node material (i don’t want to do small mesh and scale it)

If i will use this material I will add you to credits for sure

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No, you need to modify or create nodeMaterial with float value “scaling” which will define how material should change coordinates etc. And then you can get this node from material and setup value that you need (or do the same directly inside material)

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