How to don't change mouse style when the mesh OnPickTrigger and behind a wall?

Hi, friends,
I find a mesh which registerAction and the mesh is behind another meshWall,
then mouse move hover the meshWall,
mouse is changed to hand style.

The Hand Mouse tells user that “I am hyperlink,quick click me”,
but mesh can be clicked which is behind meshWall.

how to avoid that?


    var plane = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreatePlane("plane", {height:2, width: 1, sideOrientation: BABYLON.Mesh.DOUBLESIDE});

plane.position.x = -1
plane.position.y = -0.5;

var boxWall  = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox("boxWall", {height: 2, width:1, depth: 0.01});
boxWall.position.x = 1;

 var cuboidMesh = scene.getMeshByID("bloc.000");
        var monkeyMesh = scene.getMeshByID("suzanne.000");
        cuboidMesh.actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scene);
        cuboidMesh.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.ExecuteCodeAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickTrigger, function (e) {
            alert( +" is clicked");
        monkeyMesh.actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scene);
        monkeyMesh.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.ExecuteCodeAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickTrigger, function (e) {
            alert( +" is clicked");


    plane.actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scene);
    plane.actionManager.hoverCursor = undefined;

    boxWall.actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scene);
    boxWall.actionManager.hoverCursor = undefined;