How to edit DDS file from playground, prepare SkyBox

Hello there, 1) I am using tne Gimp 2.8 and newest DDR plugg-ins for import/export DDR images but I cant open DDR file which is containing here, for example:

Load error:

Similar message also in Photoshop Intel plugin or NVIDIA plugin…Of course that pic can be open in Visual Studio Viewer but I cant edit it…

  1. How to use Skydome in Babylon.js?

  2. Can I get some recommend, tutorial how to prepare., step by step “skybox” texture in some 2d editor, something like this (or even animated skybox):
    I was tested this site: HDRI to CubeMap
    The problem is that program is working correctly only if I want to save skybox as *.png… If I try save it as hdr…then I am saving only promo picture with buildings…a little bit weird

Thanks for your time.

Pinging our artists @PatrickRyan or @Vinc3r :slight_smile:

@Johny_Mickey, I’m happy to help you with your skybox.

  1. The DDS headers that are used for Babylon.js are legacy headers, which makes the files uneditable once we convert them into a precomputed DDS with mip levels. @sebavan and I want to update the engine to be able to use non-legacy headers, but haven’t gotten bandwidth to do it as editing a precomputed DDS file with a mip chain isn’t entirely straight forward and it is better to edit the source image and then recompute the mip chain. This has made supporting non-legacy headers in the DDS lower priority.

  2. The Skybox in Babylon can accept 6 PNG files that represent each cube face: positive x, negative x, positive y, negative y, positive z, and negative z. The basics of adding a skybox can be found in our docs.

  3. Your last question seems to indicate you are conflating skybox with image-based-lighting or an environment. If you are creating a skybox, you don’t need to use an HDR format as we render the skybox from 8-bit png images. If you are looking to create an environment, there are step-by-step instructions in the HDR environment docs.

If you can let me know what you are trying to build, environment vs skybox, and I can give you some more information about a manual process. Both paths diverge from one another a bit, so I want to make sure you are getting the right information.

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