How to save DDS files?

Hello, I saved the texture as a dds (for SkyBox use) file in the latest version of Gimp. But when I try to open this file in Babylon.js, nothing will load, only text like: “Loading assets … Please wait.” Where can there be a problem, where to store these files and what settings should I use, such as DXT1, 5 compression…? Thanks in advance.

I tested also exporting tool from nVIDIA now but debugger said me: Unsupported FourCC code: DX10. What it is? Its weird.

I tested also IBLBaker and works properly, why? DDS is not the same like DDS? What standards are you hanging? Output images from IBLBaker are like too bright, simply, it cant be used. When I import hdr file from:, result is as you can see on attached picture, “black holes” on top and bottom of environment texture…

Hello! texture for skybox has to be cube texture. Is it what you are exporting from GIMP?

We are supporting a lot of DDS flavor (but not all as some are just not compatible with WebGL)

Adding @PatrickRyan for more guidance


Well this seems clear that you need to provide a cube image :slight_smile: (in other words: NOT a jpeg)

Cube image is prepared as cube - dds image from IBLbaker or from here: HDRI to CubeMap