How to edit different parts of an imported mesh?

I have a designer that created a mesh for me to import, and it consists of 4 different meshes (in other words an array consisting of 4 meshes). I grouped the mesh together by using the mergeMesh function so that I could be able to move the mesh around as a whole, but I am not able to edit individual parts of the whole mesh, like make each part a different color, for example. I want to know is there any way I could do so while using the mergeMesh function or should I use something else completely. I tried the transformNode before but it was complicated to move or drag around a platform as a whole Mesh and to edit it. Please if there is any way I could fix this, Id really appreciate your help!

mergeMesh will generate a single mesh, so you won’t be able to provide different attributes to each part.

What format did you get the model? Try loading it and opening the inspector in the playground (on in our sandbox) - you will see all of the nodes of which the model is built, and you will be able to understand its structure. Once you know the structure and the names of the different meshes, you can find those individual meshes and manipulate them one by one

@RaananW The format of my model is of type .obj (wavefront object) and the thing is I want to be able to move the object around as one single mesh and at the same time have access to the different meshes and edit them or change them and so on.

You can attach them all to a single parent. Create a parent transform node, and set all meshes’ parent to be this transform node. If you move the transform node, they will all move together, but you can still update each of them individually.

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