How to enable camera collision in VR/XR

I have first person camera using Universal camera in basic 3d scene where I have enabled collisions with scene’s object to camera so it can’t pass through them which works but when I enter in VR, it doesn’t seem to work. I have enabled checkCollisions to true on WebXrCamera too but it doesn’t work. I saw few old posts where it says it doesn’t support collision but they are quite old posts and also web xr camera class has property called checkCollision so I wanted to know if it is even possible and if it is possible how can I achieve it.

cc @RaananW

Collision should work correctly with the webxr camera, if you use the movement feature and not teleportation. Want to share a reproduction of it not working? I can look into it.

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I will get back to you reproduction of issue in playground.

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Well its working correctly, actually I didn’t have access to VR device yesterday so was testing on emulator and that was not working on emulator. I think i can’t rely on emulator a lot. Sorry, I should’ve tested more.